Barony of River Haven
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Bridged Towers
Cross Portate
Golden Seahorse - Archery
Golden Seahorse - Champion
Golden Seahorse - Duelist
Golden Seahorse - Infantry
Pierced Anvil
Pilgrim's shell
River Pony
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Name Award Date recieved Sort by date
Wulfstan of BroxtonBridged Towers28/03/1993
William CastilleBridged Towers11/03/1995
Wilfred de AckelondeBridged Towers11/09/1999
William LovainBridged Towers11/03/2000
Wilfred de AckelondePierced Anvil11/09/2000
William de TosnyBridged Towers10/03/2001
William CastillePierced Anvil07/09/2002
William de TosnyPierced Anvil16/11/2002
William de TosnyGolden Seahorse - Archery13/09/2003
Wulfric GreycloakBridged Towers18/07/2004
Wendell von BayernBridged Towers21/08/2004
Wilfred de AckelondeCross Portate11/09/2004
William CastilleCross Portate10/09/2005
Wendell von BayernCross Portate11/03/2006
Wulfgar StrongarmBridged Towers15/07/2006
Wulfstan BloodaxeBridged Towers15/07/2006
Wolfgang Adolphus JagerBridged Towers08/09/2007
Wolfgang Adolphus JagerCross Portate08/03/2008
Wulfric GreycloakGolden Seahorse - Archery04/05/2008
Wolfgang Adolphus JagerPierced Anvil13/09/2008
Wulfric GreycloakCross Portate11/09/2010
William de TosnyLantern09/03/2013
William of River HavenBridged Towers13/09/2014