Archers 1/2 Gauntlet

Construction materials:
The leather is very soft and pliable - certainly nothing like heavy leather.
The plates are aluminium so very light
They are lined with neoprene wetsuit fabric and a little extra black rubber to make up the minimal thickness.
The straps are also very soft leather though a bit tougher than the hand piece so they don't break too often.
Cut the leather to fit hand.
Make carboard test pieces for the plates and lay them over to make sure they cover the bits they have to.
Cut them out.
Bend the one for the wrist, slightly dish the ones for back of hand and thumb so they wrap round where needed.
Cut lining same as leather.
Cut straps
Rivet all together
(We just used a few speedy rivets and they seem to be holding together just fine.)


Information and photos curtesy of Mistress Margie of Glen More and Lord Bryce of ArrowsReach
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