Lochac Archery Resources


SCA Australia
- Homepage for the Australian Kingdom of Lochac.

- Homepage for the SCA in the USA.

Combative Arts - Lochac
- Combative Arts Mashallate Page.

Target Archery Handbook - SCA
- How to do it.


SCA Archery Links

Combat Archery Gauntlets
Archers Gauntlet by Mistress Margie of Glen More and Lord Bryce of ArrowsReach

Archery Target
Make your own archery target - by Isabel de Annesley

Official IKAC/IKCAC Homepage (US)
- Lord Lorenzo il Confuso (Andre Detommaso) is the Keeper of the IKAC.

An Tir Book of Combat (US)
- Though their combat rules differ from ours, the An Tir Book of Combat is an excellent resource on organising and running Archery events.