Arts and Sciences

This is a "works in progress" page

The Arts and Sciences encompas a large realm of subjects and activities including the making of Garb (medieval clothing), tenting, banners, pennant and bunting, the making of accroutments such as tokens, medallians, braid etc, even down to making weapons, writing web copy and other activities

This section will give you a guide to the activities within Bacchus Wood and the people to approach if you are interested in these activities. links to sites with information will also be given but the links will be a guide to the activities and not a definitive works.

(The following pages are under revision - submissions and suggestions welcome)

Newcomers Handbook (A good place to start)

What are they doing? (my first event)

Garb (Medieval style clothing)

Eventing (Go and have fun!)

SCA Speaking (A guide to what to say)

Writing Webpages in ther SCA (The KISS Principle at work)

Period Target Arrows with Footing

To Drink or not to Drink - Non-alcholic beverages