Lochac Prova Dura 2

Barony of Innilgard, Kingdom of Lochac
(Adelaide, South Australia)

19-21 July 2013

The tradition of the crucible tournament, La Prova Dura springs from the traditions of the West Kingdom, but now we embrace it as our own! This spectacle is a full day test of endurance, prowess and chivalry. The Barony of Innilgard invites you to witness and contest La Prova Dura, the second held in the Kingdom of Lochac.

Saturday consists of La Prova Dura, the Proof of Endurance tournament. This is run as a multi-field round robin, culminating in a round robin final between n the top ranked combatants from each field. In 2010 29 combatants contested the endurance tournament lasting 6.5 hours.

Sunday features La Prova di Amore (Proof of Love), where the most virtuous combatants from the previous day are hand selected by the ladies of the gallery to compete in celebration of the love they bear their consort.

Requests for Combatants

Heraldry- In keeping with the pageantry for the event, each combatant is required to have a banner displaying his or her arms. Also, his or her heraldic theme should extend to surcoats or other persona appropriate attire, shields and livery for retinue. Charges need not be displayed on all items, but the heraldic colour scheme should be continued throughout.

Letter of Intent- Each combatant is requested to submit a letter of intent to both the Steward (email below) and the Lochac Fighters list. This letter will allow the other fighters to train for the challenges that will face them. It will also let the autocrat plan for the numbers of fields and support staff needed. Please include your name in the subject line for ease of filing.

When: Friday 19 - Sunday 21 July 2013
Where: Barony of Innilgard (Adelaide, South Australia)
Douglas Scrub Camp, Douglas Gully Road, McLaren Flat, SA
Cost: *Dormitory Accommodation: $110
*Camping: $70
*(Child rates: $95/$55)
All food provided (Friday evening through Sunday lunch)

*Day Rate (No Food): $20 Per Day
*With lunch: add $5
*With feast (Saturday only): add $15

Non-SCA Members: $5 surcharge

Payment methods available: Cheque (Made out to 'SCA Ltd - Innilgard'), Money Order, or Direct Deposit. For bank account details please see Booking Form.

Booking Form:

Post or email one of these forms, or send an email containing all the info on the booking form.

*Please note: bookings that include food close July 5th.

La Prova Dura is a Fully Catered event. If there are any dietary requirements or particular needs please contact steward.

The site opens 4pm on Friday, a light supper is provided. Site clears by 5pm Sunday.

Steward: Yevan de Leeds: Ph: 0403 289 844, yevan@bigpond.com.

(Medieval graphics courtesy of retrokat.com)