Research and Documentation Competition

We are all highly impressed by the standard and quantity of entries at each year's Laurel Prize at Rowany Festival. The entries display a high degree of craftsmanship combined with excellent research and documentation.

In fact, some of the documentation is of such a high quantity and standard that many of us didn't get time to read or judge it all!

In addition to the Laurel Prize at Rowany Festival, starting in 2012, there will be a competition for research and documentation entries only. Of course the council will be pleased if you submit an entry for the Laurel Prize as well, but for the purpose of this competition we will be judging only your research and documentation.

Submissions will be required to be sent to the council electronically via this form, and will close approximately one month before Rowany Festival, which for this year's competition will be Friday 8th March 2013. Judging will be done by members of the Laurel Council, and prizes will be announced and given out at Rowany Festival. For the best article, there will be a prize of $200 value, sponsored by Master Delbert von Strassburg.

We encourage all who will enter this competition to sharpen those quills and consider your submissions!