Master WulfWine of Grimwald

Elevated at Spring War 2012 by King Henri and Queen Beatrice

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Wulfwine is a mid 10th Century Anglo/Scandinavian born around the five burough town of Derby. His father was an Anglo Saxon thegn and his mother was the daughter of a Norse trader from the township of Jorvik. When his father was slain during the siege of Derby in 917 his mother returned to Norway and fostered the young Wulfwine to an uncle living in northern Halogaland. It is here that Wulfwine maintains a small land holding where he trades in mead and serves the Jarl of Borg as a warrior and guard aboard the Jarl's trading vessels. Wulf is married to the daughter of a trade associate from Birka and is known by his Norse brethren as Ulf the Gangar. Within the Society Wulf is a member of House Deorc, the Lochac Brewers and Imbibers Guild and the Mordenvale Company of Brewers. It is advisable to steer well clear of his alter ego Rat (Wulf's fully ratified representative) who is an able seaman in the Company's fleet and makes mostly unwelcome appearances during 'Pirate Night' at Spring War.

Major Fields: Norse Lifestyle

Current Apprentices: Baron Angus MacDougall

WulfWine of Grimwald's device

Argent, a wolf with the head of a demon, rampant guardant gules maintaining a seax sable within a bordure sable charged with estoiles Or.

Current Interests: Researching and recreating Viking Age Norse lifestyle. Brewing without the use of modern aids. Entertaining through song and prose.

Current Group: Mordenvale

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WulfWine of Grimwald is currently Active within the society.