Master Delbert von Strassburg

Master Del was made a laurel at the Caroso Ball at Rowany festival, AS XXX (31 March 1997).

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Delbert von Stra├čburg is an SCA persona currently residing in the Barony of Rowany (Sydney, NSW, Australia) in the Kingdom of Lochac. Previously I have resided in the Baronies of Stormhold (Melbourne, VIC); Southron Gaard (Christchurch, NZ); and Aneala (Perth, WA).

I do a lot of Renaissance Dance -- I spend time talking to a few of the on-line experts like Justin du Couer, Miklos, She'erah (previously known as Ellisif), Rosina del Bosco Chiaro (who doesn't have a home page), Greg Lindahl who happens also to have his own music and dance page as well as a big collection of images from Arbeau and Caroso, or Mustafa (Russell Almond) who has a web site of Early Dance music that is free for use in the SCA.

I have an on-line dance book, here. If you want a printed copy then you can order one from the Mainly Medieval web store. Mainly Medieval also have copies of the 5 CD set of dance music that I assembled some years ago (this is only available for shipping in Australia and New Zealand).

Major Fields: Dance

Current Apprentices: Helen Wentworth (St Florian de la Riviere), Emma of Wolvercote (Southron Gaard), Dareios the Vigilant (Mordenvale, more or less) Darius the Dancer (Ealdormere), Medb ni Iaschata (Rowany).

Past Apprentices: AEmilia of Syracuse (retired), Sybille la Chatte (OL), Marie de Lyon (OL), Joan Sutton (OL), Katherine Weyssin (for 45 minutes, OL).

Delbert von Strassburg's device

Argent, two eagles displayed sable between two bars gemel purpure.

Current Interests: Sailing, revelry, gardening (15th C English and other European), card games, board games, cooking (campsite and campaign cooking including preserved meat recipes), story crafting, not being attacked by pirates.

Current Group: Rowany

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Delbert von Strassburg is currently Active within the society.