Master Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci al-Turhani

Kilic was elevated by Their Highnesses Kurgan and Huraiwa at the Eastern Collegia Feast, 6th March 1999. As is appropriate to his persona, he swore fealty to the Kingdom not on a sword, but on a bow.

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Kilic is a 13th centruy ghulam serving one of the lesser Amirs in the Artuqid empire. He divides his time between the court of one of the beglerbegs and various skirmishes and campaigns. He prefers the latter as he considers the courtly life to be for those who have lost the will to live. At the moment he is looking to acquire some land and settle down, although not too settled. He knows more than is humanly safe about all things Middle Eastern and gets accused of being a walking reference library at least once a week.

Major Fields: Middle Eastern persona, culture, costume and accoutrements

Current Apprentices: Rowan Brigitte Blackmoor (Barony of Sundragon, Atenveldt), Norse research and costume; Lady Çinara Baraceco, Embroidery and Basque history; Lady Margarite of Chainbridge, Embroidery; Lady Pietenelle van de ZonDal, Embroidery; fosterling Raven Mayne.

Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci al-Turhani's device

Sable, a sheaf of five swords within an orle Or

Current Interests: Seljuk and Artuqid Turkish culture, Middle Eastern armour, archery and combat, period woodwork and leatherwork, cooking (anything to do with sugar), medieval Islamic culture, archery rings, weird hats, big hats, tall pointy hats. Current project: Accurate reconstruction of 13th century Nomad clothing; furthering the corruption of his wife.

Current Group: Aneala

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Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci al-Turhani is currently Active within the society.