Duchess Nerissa de Saye

Laurelled at Rowany Festival, 16th April 2001, by King Connor and Queen Isa.

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Duchess Nerissa de Saye has reigned as 25th Princess of Lochac (1996) and 3rd Queen of Lochac (2003). She resided in Thamesreach (old Londinium) for seven years, during which time she reigned as the 29th Queen of Drachenwald (2007) and the last Vicereine of Insulae Draconis (2009) before the group acquired full Principality status. She remains blissfully married to Sir Master Alaric of Bangor, aka The Jolly Duke of Drachenwald.

Major Fields: Calligraphy and Illumination

Current Apprentices: None

Past Apprentices: Baroness Katherine Alicia of Sarum

Nerissa de Saye's device

Per pale gules and purpure, a unicorn passant regardant argent crined between three crowns Or.

Current Interests: 14th century French architecture, gothic tracery, scribal arts, madrigal singing, pavilion making, portative organs, wood carving, chandeliers.

Current Group: Saint Florian de la Riviere

Web Page: http://raisedgold.blogspot.com.au/

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Nerissa de Saye is currently Active within the society.