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The List Keepers web site is a resource for SCA participants. Among other things it contains documents and information regarding the list-keeping process, and links to sites of a similar nature. Please note that this is not a corporate publication of the SCA Inc. and as such is not intended to delineate SCA policy.

All the reports from group list keepers appear in List Keeper Reports . These reports contain all the information about tourneys you could need. The format of the tournament, the participants and the results are all there. The more information I receive from local List keepers, the more detail will be preserved as part of the history of the glorious Kingdom of Lochac, that deeds of renown and events of significance not be lost in the mists of time. It's even quicker and easier to update the records of your group's martial exploits, you can use the reporting form.

Any suggestions as to what you would like to see, what you use to run lists or what others may find useful will be considered for inclusion to these pages.

The current Lochac List Keeper is Asa Beiskalda (mka Melina Hall). She can be reached by email.


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31 March, 2011