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Branches of the Kingdom of Lochac

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Australia ("the Continent")

SCA groups in Australia may be located by searching on a Postcode or a Town or a Suburb. [search hint]

A wildcard (* or %) may be used in a town or suburb name, but to get the smallest result set and the fastest response time, try to use as much of the name as you know. (e.g. using "melb*" to find a group in Melbourne will give better results than using "m*").



New Zealand (Crescent Isles)

SCA groups in New Zealand are divided by telephone prefix, and their contact details are in the full alphabetical listing:

(03) South Island - Barony of Southron Gaard

(04) Wellington - Shire of Darton

(07) Hamilton, Waikato, etc - Canton of Cluain

(09) Auckland & Northland - Barony of Ildhafn

Search Results

Area Group Type Seneschal


Alphabetical Listing

Group Type Area Seneschal
Abertridwr Shire South of Perth, WA Konrad Hilderbrandt
Adora Shire Illawarra, NSW SImeon Wallace of Adora
Aneala Barony WA Nathan Blacktower
Blessed Herman the Cripple College Adelaide Uni, SA Domenico Fernando dePontferrada
Bordescros Shire Albury and Wagga Wagga, NSW Thomasina Coke
Burnfield Canton Bundaberg, QLD Godric Von Eichsfeld
Cluain Canton Waikato, NZ Florence of Knightsbridge
Dark Wood Valley Canton Balingup, Green Bushes, Bridgetown, WA Maeve M'Cenzie
Darton Shire Wellington, NZ Madeleine de Eyncourt
Dismal Fogs Shire Blue Mountains, NSW Nimue
Dragons Bay Canton Rockingham Region, WA Imagina Bertram
Ildhafn Barony Auckland, NZ Ludwig von Regensburg
Innilgard Barony SA Jarnskeggi the Mad
Krae Glas Barony SE Melbourne, VIC Miguel Rodrigez de Santiago
Lightwood Canton Huon Valley Helewyse de Bonnay
Lochac Kingdom Australia and New Zealand Nicodemus Novello
Mordenvale Barony Newcastle, NSW Dallán ua Lorccáin
Okewaite Canton Goulburn, NSW Bjorn Pursasprengir
Politarchopolis Barony ACT Anne de Tournai
River Haven Barony Brisbane, QLD Leonor de Alcocer
Rowany Barony Sydney, NSW Lady Tatianitska Iaroslavna
Southron Gaard Barony Christchurch, NZ Maximilian von Monsterberg
St Aldhelm College Australian National Uni, ACT Elena Vesare
St Andronicus College University of Canberra Meg Carmichael
St Basil the Great College University of WA Amberley Lievense
St Florian de la Riviere Barony South Brisbane, QLD Bran an torcdubh mac Bruide
St Malachy College University of Wollongong, NSW Emlyn Sadler
St Monica College Monash University, VIC Amy of St Monicas
St Ursula College University of Sydney, NSW Cian in Sceith Girr
Stegby Canton Warwick, Stanthorpe, QLD Madog Llwyd ap Madog
Stormhold Barony Melbourne, VIC Rodrigo de Burgos
Stowe on the Wowld Canton Western Sydney, NSW Gabrielle de La Riviere
Torlyon Canton Yass, NSW Alexander the Potter, OL
Ynys Fawr Barony Tasmania Declan of Drogheda


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