Crown of Lochac

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Crown of Lochac
Position type Royalty
Contact Email and Website
Current Royals Siridiean and Margie
Reigned since 8th January 2012
Current Heirs None

Lochac has seen 20 reigns since becoming a Kingdom.

Past Rulers of the Kingdom of Lochac

Reign Royals Coronation
20th Siridiean and Margie 12th Night 2012
19th Cornelius and Elizabeth Midwinter 2011
18th Gabriel and Constanzia 12th Night 2011
17th Edmund and Leonore Midwinter 2010
16th Bran and Lilya 12th Night 2010
15th Gabriel and Constanzia Midwinter 2009
14th Theuderic and Englin 12th Night 2009
13th Siridiean and Siban Midwinter 2008
12th Berenger and Bethan 12th Night 2008
11th Hugh and Therasa Midwinter 2007
10th Alfar and Gudrun 12th Night 2007
9th Draco and Asa Midwinter 2006
8th Ædward and Yolande 12th Night 2006
7th Cornelius and Morwynna Midwinter 2005
6th Stephen and Mathilde 12th Night 2005
5th Draco and Serena Midwinter 2004
4th Ædward and Yolande 12th Night 2004
3rd Alaric and Nerissa Midwinter 2003
2nd Cornelius and Morwynna 12th Night 2003
1st Alfar and Elspeth Midwinter 2002
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