The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Dimitrii Borodinskii

(Mat Dolton)


Mahster Dimitrii was given his entrance to the Order by Niall II and Liadan II on 18th of October 2014, at Buttony Cross. 

My persona is Russian 15th Century where I tend to lean towards the more Mongol influenced side of things as compared to the byzantine style which I find very gaudy and loud (argh, my eyes). I’m very much in love with Russian Fur Hats, mainly because being bald I need all the help I can get with my hair.

Alternative Title: Mahster

Current Protégés:

Lady Jayne Hunter
Gyða Lokkadóttir

Past Protégés:


Current Interests:

  • I enjoy embroidery and hat making and getting my teeth into a new project
  • I enjoy running events, from a small $5 tourney to Great Northern War style events.
  • Basically, I see a job that needs doing, I jump in and do it… or now at least organise someone to do it for me 


Gules, three chevronels braced throughout argent and in base a phoenix Or


Web Page:


Current Group:

River Haven

Last Update: 4 September, 2017

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