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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

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Two Handed Swords Disallowed for Melee Combat
28 Sep 2018

Notice from the KRM Effective immediately: Two handed swords are not to be used in ... Read More

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1 Aug 2018

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16 Feb 2018

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    Lochac Rapier Marshallate / Announcements


    28 September 2018 - Two Handed Weapons Disallowed for Melee Combat

    Notice from the KRM

    Effective immediately: Two handed swords are not to be used in melees, war scenarios or any combat involving more than two (2) combatants until further notice.

    Several serious injuries occurred at Fields of steel involving two handed swords being used in war/melee scenarios. To manage this risk no two handed swords are to be used in rapier war/melee or any combat involving more than two combatants until further notice. 
    This measure is to provide opportunity to investigate the use of these weapons and to develop appropriate guidelines for use.
    I realise this may impact activities at this Spring war, however I ask your cooperation with this requirement to ensure our game is not placing our fencers in unnecessary risk.

    yours in service
    Lindoret of Byrn Myrddin OP. OD
    Lochac KRM.

    27 April 2017 - Updates to the Lochac Rapier Rules

    A number of changes have been made to the Lochac rapier rules.  In summary, those changes are:

    1. Addition of rules governing the use of "Pole Weapons", i.e. pikes and other long-handled weapons.
    2. Update of the rules for permitted blades and the blade flexibility test to current Society rules.
    3. Update of mask/helm requirements and addition of new padding requirements as required by Society.
    4. Addition of the ability for Rapier Marshals in Charge to use Rapier Combatants to supervise combat.
    5. Prohibition against grasping opponents equipment in order to clarify the rules and close a possible gap.

    A copy of the amendments can be found on the Rapier Rules page or you can download it directly.

    Please familiarise yourself with these changes.

       Ludwig, KRM

    22 February 2015 - Updated Victorian Sword Laws

    Hiya Folks

    The following is a Victorian requirement only covering steel sword usage (including the transport, wearing and even holding a steel sword) within Victoria.

    Shortly all steel sword users will need to have completed the new stat dec requirements and hold a current SCA membership to transport, use and own a steel sword in Victoria. The previous laws covered the transport and ownership of the sword yet the updated laws also covers the "usage".

    I'm aware there has been some confusion about the inclusion of usage in the updated laws which has resulted in newcomers being allowed to use a steel sword for basic drill work. Under the current phasing in of the laws we can't allow a newcomer to use a steel sword until the stat dec process has been completed and a current SCA membership card is held.

    So to be very clear, newcomers can't use a steel sword and anyone that knowingly allows a newcomer to use a steel blade places the SCA exemption at risk and as such will face disciplinary action/authorisation card removal.

    I strongly suggest all Victorian based fencing groups arrange loaner fibreglass rapiers to assist newcomers.


    Everard KRM Lochac

    4 May 2012 - Approved Blades

    Recently the Society Rapier Marshal made some adjustments to the list of approved blades for rapier and C+T , and introduced the "flex test". Lochac's rules remain unchanged at this time - we are still using the approved blades in the Appendix.

    However, if you have a blade not mentioned in Appendix for the purpose you intend, and it passes the flex test mandated by the SRM (and actually passes it, not you think it might pass and you will do it one day), then if you communicate that to me I will accept that blade as an experimental blade in the Kingdom of Lochac and you are free to play.

    In particular I will name William Blackwood's Hanwei schlagers. If they meet the test for C+T then they are free for use. Enjoy.

    I would like to hear the opinion of the practitioners about the idea of abandoning our approved blade list and moving to the Society flex test. That is your cue to speak up.

    Please note: this does not give you carte blanche to grab any old bit of iron and whack someone with it. The blade must meet the flex test, and you must still use it safely and with due consideration. And you must tell me that you have tested the blade. If you haven't, or if the blade fails then I will hang you out to dry. If you are lucky.



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