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Victoria and the updated sword laws
22 Feb 2015

There is a new message from the KRM covering Victorian requirement only covering steel ... Read More

Updated Guildmaster William Blackwood's Library
15 Feb 2015

Added his own book and other books in his library

Update to Resources\Manuals Part 1
14 Feb 2015

Several of the links to external manuals have been found to be broken. The following ... Read More

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    Everard Sefar

    Don, Provost



    Krae Glas (Melbourne, VIC)

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    On the 4th Day of October AS XLIV (2009), at the Great Southern Gathering, Scholar Everard Sefar, sponsored by Ancient Guildmaster Don Dameon Greybeard, did play his Provost's Prize in the following forms: On the Cut and Thrust List - Sword and Baton & Longsword; and, On the Rapier List - Rapier and Dagger, Rapier and Baton and Single Rapier. The candidate was examined by Ancient Guildmaster Don Dameon Greybeard, Guildmasters ibn Jelal ad-Adib and Dona Silfren the Singer, and Provosts Sir Wolfram Flammenherz, Viscount Don Aylwin Greymane, Sir Haos Windchaser and Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye. After due discussion and consideration, the examiners did agree that the candidate had successfully played the Prize and he was elevated to the rank of Provost.

    On the 26th of June AS XLV (2010), Their Royal Majesties Bran and Leylii did elevate Everard Sefar to the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac. The scarf given to Don Everard was a gift from Don Dameon.

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