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    Gomez de Crecy



    Rowany (Sydney, NSW)

    Contact Details



    The usual assortment.

    Research Interests

    Cape, Bolognese, Giganti.

    Teaching Speciality

    Cape, cane, and dagger.


    I stared fencing in January 2008 in Silfren's back yard alongside Raegan of Lunihawk and Lindoret of Bryn Myrddin. Our teachers were Silfren and some chap called Rick, who turned out to be Don ibn Jelal. In December 2008 I participated in my first tournament where I was promptly snotted over and over by Owain Cantor Ap Hugh.

    In April 2009 I did my Free Scholars prize in rapier and dagger. My sponsor was Angus Galbreath because I has figured out that I did not have to fence my sponsor, and he scared the stuffing out of me.

    In 2010 I took on the Baronial Rapier Marshal role for Rowany. I passed my Journeymans prize in 2011 with sword and dagger, sword and cane, and sword and buckler. My sponsor was Adib Ibn Jelal.

    In October 2012 I was again snotted by Don Owain, this time while being forced to use a cape (a device I had not used up to that point). I decided to not let that happen ever again.

    On the 7th of April, AS XLVII (2012), Their Majesties Siridean and Margie did recognise Gomez de Crecy with the Order of the Rapier.

    In August 2013 I passed my Provost prize. Around this time I became Deputy KRM.  In April 2014 I was asked to join the Order of the White Scarves. In August 2014 I stepped down as Rowany Rapier Marshal and was superceded by Raegan of Lunihawk.

    On the 22nd of April, AS XLVIII (2014), Their Royal Majesties Niáll and Liadan did recognise Gomez de Crecy, and inducted him into the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac.

    On the 25th March, AS L (2016), Their Royal Majesties Gilbert and Bethony did recognise Gomez de Crecy and elevated him to the Order of Defence.


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