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  • Bow hire available at River Haven Hall

    Several bows in a variety of sizes from small children to large adult and a large quantity of blunt arrows are available at the River Haven Hall during practice sessions. Bow hire fee is $1/session.
  • Annual Archery Events

    The Shire Archery Championship, Willoughby Vale (Ipswich, Qld).

    Great Northern War, (Samford, Qld).

  • Children may participate in Archery

    Children under the age of 12 must have a parent/guardian on the archery line within arms reach. Older particants may participate in archery without parental supervision, however to particapate in thrown weapons a parent must be within arms reach. No child may use a crossbow. You have to be older than 18 years of age to fire a crossbow.
  • Current Baronial Archery Champion

    • Madog Llywd ap Madog.
  • Contact Details

    • River Haven Captain of the Archers

      Currently Vacant

      Email: Contact the  Seneschal 

      The Captain is responsible for the arts of Archery combat in the group. They can authorise and inspect fighters. The Captain are not referees (although they are sometimes consulted as such) they are more there to see that the rules are observed and that everything is safe.

    • Lochac Archers Website
    • Lochac Archers Email List
    • Lochac Archery Marshal
      Nathan Blacktower, (Nathan Bullivant). Email
    • Lochac Company of Archers
      Emrys Tudur, (Matthew Mole). Email
  • Handbooks /Score sheets

  • Kingdom Archery Awards

    • The Order of the Nock
      May be bestowed upon those the Crown finds deserving of honour, for achievement in the fields of archery and/or missile combat.
    • Lochac Company of Archers
      Given to those who have demonstrated high achievement, chivalry, and service to the Kingdom in the field of archery. The members of this Company shall promote and encourage their art within the Kingdom of Lochac. They advise the Earl Marshal and the Archery Marshal on, and do research into, aspects of the art of missile weapons including combat standards, tactics, marshalling, training, period research, qualification and competition.
      Yahoo Group Link.

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