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River Haven Events

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Past Events... Epic Diem
River Haven 30th Anniversery Sept 2013
Nanango Medieval day Aug 2013  River Haven Newcomer's 2008 Great Northern War 2008 Great Northern War 2007
September Barional 2006Winter Harvest 2005, BurnfieldWinter Harvest 2004, Burnfield

Other events

Red & White (Willoughby Vale event): 2006

Bent Cockerel - Archery Tourney

Canterbury Faire (Southern Gaard - Christchurch, NZ)

Knights of the North Pas D'armes: (Barony of Saint Florian de-la-Riviere)

Rowany Festival (NSW Event held every Easter): 2005

Brisbane Medieval Faire: 2005 (This is a non-SCA event and SCA is not affiliated with the promoters of this event)

Movie world Event

What Am I Thinking Competition

Other Places of interest:

Trebuchet firing on Youtube: (Throwing the bowling ball) for the pumpkin throw.

Here are photos of past events. Many of the current and past members of the SCA have contributed to these pages. Where possible the correct names and photographers have been cited. If you see a photo that you wish removed, or alternately, if you have photos that you wish to contribute, please contact the web Minister.

These photos are for personal use only. Copyright remains with the respective owners. All photos have been taken by Lady Josseline unless otherwise noted. Modifications have been made by past and current web Ministers.

A Flickr group is available to allow members to share photos from past events. To contribute, you will need a flickr account (easily set up if you already have a Yahoo account) and will need to apply to become a member. This gallery is a publicly visible gallery so membership is not required to view the images.