Regular EventsRegular Events

Each week there are a range of activities including fighter practice, fencing, dance and arts and sciences. These events are informal, and run in 'mundane' garb. No special equipment is needed to begin with. Here are the events held at River Haven and nearby cantons/ baronies and shires.

Please ensure that you check the details at the individual Canton/ Shire websites as these are maintained by separate members and are more likely to be up to date!



  • Burnfield A & S.
    See the Burnfield  website for more details (Toowoomba)
  • St Florian's fighter practice.
    See St Florian's website for further details (Annerly)

Regular Events II




    Barional Reserved Dates

    The following events and dates are considered "protected" within the Barony and its Cantons/Incipient Cantons, and College. These dates are reserved for these events only and No other Baronial group can book a conflicting event without prior permission from the Event Steward, AND the signing Seneschal or Baronial Seneschal. The only exception to this rule is for the March and September Baronials where the Baron and Baroness only can make these authorisations.

    • March Baronial Championship - 2nd Saturday.
    • September Baronial Championship - 2nd Saturday
    • Stegby - Annual Event - 2nd Weekend of July
    • Burnfield – Annual Event – 3rd Weekend of July.

    Crown Events

    There shall be two official Crown Tournaments and two official Coronations per year in the Kingdom. These shall be held on the first or second full weekend of the following months:

    • January - Twelfth Night Coronation
    • May - May Crown Tournament
    • July - Mid Winter Coronation
    • November - November Crown Tournament