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River Haven SCA
River Haven SCA - Homepage
About this site - Previous web ministers, about the content
About River Haven - A little bit of information about how River Haven came into being
Archery Links & Info
Arts & Sciences - Calendar & information about A & S in River Haven
Arts & Sciences Links
Baronial Officer Roles - Information about what each Officer is and what they do
Beginner's Garb - No garb yet? No problems! Information on getting your first set of garb together
Calligraphy, Illumination & Manuscripts
Contact Officers (Names & email addresses of Baronial Officers)
Cooking & Brewing Links
Copyright - Information about the images and contents on this site
Documentation article 1 - How to document your A & S pieces
Documentation article 2 - How to document your A & S pieces
Events What medieval events are coming up in the Barony of River Haven (Costs, locations). Details are updated when information is made available.
Feasting - What you need to bring to a Feast, and what happens at a Feast (as held by the SCA)
Fighter's Links
Fighter's Info
Fletching Article
Gallery of photos
Garb Links
Group Project - Carpet
Hall Locations - Where we are and how to get there!
Music Box Songs & Poetry
Newcomers Information - contains links for Registration, what we are all about, what we do, and how to get started
Rapier (Fencing)
Regnum - Locations & links to other Baronies, Shires and Cantons.
Regular Events - A & S meetings, Fighter practice and other regular events
What is the SCA? - interested in what we do, this is a brief overview?
Persona - creating a character for your SCA events (optional)
Your first Tourney or Event
Website History - Updates made to the site (Current Web Minister)