Newcomers Viking Nattmal

The Vikings customarily ate two meals each day. The first, dagmal or "day-meal" was eaten in the morning, approximately two hours after the day's work was started (7 AM to 8 AM or so), while the second, nattmal or "night meal" was consumed at the end of the day's labour (7 PM to 8 PM or so). These times would vary seasonally, depending on the hours of daylight.

The Household of Merewyke welcomes old friends and newcomers to share a Viking Weekend together in Nanango.

   Saturday 21/6/2014 and Sunday 22/6/2014

Saturday 10am to 10pm and Sunday 7am to 3pm

Archery starts 9am Sunday.


Adult $26, Teen (13 – 18) $15, Child under 13 $10, Family of 4 $77 plus (Non –members add $5 to cover insurance costs).

Luckily we are not Vikings and on Saturday you will have a ploughman lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea and a hearty night meal. Sunday there will be a day meal to start the day for Archery.

Saturday we will have Arts and Sciences, Heavy and Rapier Fighting and time to sit and chat with friends. So bring along your feast kits, drinking mug and be ready to eat and sing well into the evening. Share a nattmal (night meal) of hot soups, meat stews and a selection of fruits and warm drinks. The evening will be filled with other Viking surprises, so come prepared for FUN.

Sunday we will come together for dagmal (day meal) followed by Archery for the brave warriors amongst the gathering and more Arts and Sciences and laughs for those who stay behind at the camp.

Contact Person is Isobel aus Chevaux so please email any enquiries and bookings to

Please let Isobel aus Chevaux know of any dietary requirement as soon as possible.

Booking close 7/6/2014

Saturday:  CWA Hall  Fitzroy St  Nanango 
Sunday:  53 Kurrajong Street  Nanango

Please bring your Viking cloaks and sheep skins because it will be cold in Nanango in the middle of winter. Camping is available free of charge 4km out of town. Archery is at the same location as the camping area.  Please email Isobel for address.


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