Fun Learning for Kids at The Barony of Riverhaven!

Riverhaven can be a sanctuary for families. Many members of Riverhaven have children. (Some adult members where once kids in the SCA growing up in the Current Middle Ages). Involving children in all aspects of the Barony is very important to many parents. Here are a few encouragements...

  • Children in Middle AgesMouse Guard

    The Mouse Guard is given from The Crown in recognition of the contribution given to our Kingdom by children between the ages of 4 and 13 years.
    Mouse Guard Pouch Design.
  • River Pony Award

    A Baronial Award for children for service and abilities. Unfortunately, the lists of Award recipiants are not available on this website.
  • Self Defense training

    Children can start archery training early. Developing real world skills of target practice. The Barony has small bows and a barrage of arrows to let fly at practice targets on a wednesday night.
  • Boffer SwordsBoffer Tourneys

    Within the Barony, children ages 4 - 12 may be seen playing with rubber swords! Parental supervisor is required during all Boffer Sword Play.
    "Boffer contests teach respect for yourself and others... boffer teaches sportsmanship, discipline, and self control, but above all…it teaches CHIVALRY”
    -Baron Olaf Bjarnarson, First Edition Book of Boffer.
    For reference only please read:
    An Tir Boffer Book
    An Tir Youth Combat
  • Children may participate in Archery

    Children under the age of 12 must have a parent/guardian on the archery line with arms reach. Older particants may participate in archery without parental supervision, however to particapate in thrown weapons a parent must be within arms reach. No child may use a crossbow. You have to be older than 18 years of age to fire a crossbow and hold the appropriate licences.
  • Clothing borrowing from The Hostilier

    Doesn't every young girl want to be a princess and every young boy want to be a knight? As other members children have grown a large collection of beautiful and noble garb has gathered to make dressing children in period clothing amazingly easy. On communal sewing day new pieces of clothing also are stored in the Hostiliery for future feasts and events. Other mothering members can assist in advice for breast feeding mothers in period gowns (it's surprisingly easy... even for Elizabethan garb).
  • Feasting may be free

    At many feasts children between 0 - 6 years are frequently free of charge. At a Current Middle Ages Feast you will only find fresh ingredients and healthy food... a welcome reprieve from 'party' food. Displays of the intriguing world of feasting food in candlelight is a joy of culinary adventure in smells, sights and tastes for a young pallet.
  • Children's Deputy of Lochac

    This Kingdom role is performed by River Haven's, Lady Josseline de la Cour. The Office aims to encourage the participation of our youth in within the SCA. For more information see...
    Children's Deputy of Lochac Website.
    Child Protection Policy Link
    Parents of Lochac Facebook Page.
  • Random acts of enjoyment, learning and fun..

    Camping at Tourney, Running around at a festival, watching your parents compete on the field and competing yourself may be an wonderful journey for the young imagination. There are many things for children in the Current Middle Ages... your dreams may make it happen.

Photographs of named children are prohibited from being displayed on this website and subsequent River Haven web sites by Baronial Law, but it certainly doesn't mean that there isn't a wild hoard of rascals running around the activities in the most genteel manner.

Riverhaven is prevented from promoting specific children's activities at events, but it certainly doesn't mean that children cannot enjoy sharing medieval board games or outdoor activities that parents have privately organised for their children.

Medieval Outdoor Children Games

Hoodman's Blind

A reverseHooded man stands in the middle of the field.

Players try to tag, pinch or tickle him without getting caught.

If he catches someone then that person becomes the Hoodman.

Three times a Hoodman is out of the game.


All players wear reverse hoods except one.

The one, The Jiggler, wears bells and holds a rattle whilst continually running around to avoid getting caught.

If caught the hooded player becomes the Jiggler.

Black Death

All players where hoods except one that has his reversed.

The reversed hooded one, Black Death, must catch another reversing their hood until all are caught.

King Hop

The King hops on one foot, holding the other.

The King must tag other players to make them hopping subjects until one is left who is King for the next game.


All stand in a circle facing inward holding hands.

Two players are chosen as the Chaser and the Runner.

The Chaser pursues the Runner in and out of the circle.

The Runner may stand still in front of one in the circle, at which time the person behind becomes the Runner.

If the Runner is caught he comes the Chaser.

Drop a Handkerchief

All sit in a circle facing inward except one, “It”.

“It” slowly walks around the outside of the circle.

“It” drops the Handkerchief behind a person in the circle.

That person must pick up the handkerchief and chase “It”.

If “It” get back to the empty seat then that person becomes “It”

Tug O' War

Two teams hold either end of a strout rope.

Each team tries to pull the other onto a puddle (blanket) between them.

Red Rover

Two teams holding hands in a line stand opposite eachother.

One team calls, “Red Rover, Red Rover, let 'Thomas' come over!”

Thomas then takes off running and tries to break through the other line.

If successful he chooses one of the kids that he broke through to take back to his line.

If he doesn’t break through, he has to join the other line.

The game ends when everyone is in one line.

Day-time Night-time

One is “it” at one end of the field facing away.
The other children line up at the other end of the field.
'It' calls out “Day-time!” The other children move forward.
If 'It' calls out “Night-time!” the other children must freeze.
'It' turns around quickly upon calling "Night-time!" and catches any moving they must go back to the start line. Play continues until someone reaches and tags “it.” That person then becomes “it.”

Barley Break

''John Barley Corn' stands in the middle of the field.
All must try to run across the field.

If a runner is caught, they must join hands with 'John' and help to catch the others.

As runners get caught, they join onto the end of the line.

Only the ends of the line can catch.

The middle of the line can help to “net” runners.

The last not caught is 'John Barley Corn' for a next game.