The records of outcomes of official fights on the field and range at tourneys, tournaments and other events.

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September Baronial, 2010 |

September Baronial

Burnfield (Gin Gin, Qld.), Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th September, 2010.

  • Rapier Tournament
    The participants were: Baron Wolfgang Adolophus Jager, Takeda Yotaro Atsumori, Magnus Beytill and Dimitrii Borodinski.
    A round-robin tournament was fought utilizing various styles (vis. case, sword and cane, sword and buckler, sword and dagger, sword alone) and the participants were victorious as follows:
    Dimitrii Borodinski – 7 wins
    Takeda Yotaro Atsumori – 5 wins
    Magnus Beytill – 4 wins
    Baron Wolfgang Adolphus Jager – 2 wins
    There were three instances of "double kills," all involving Dimitrii Borodinski. Two of these were against Magnus Beytill and the third was against Takeda Yotaro Atsumori. This shows the well-matched skill of all of the fighters.
    Dimitrii Borodinski was declared the overall winner and therefore the Baronial Rapier Champion

  • Heavy Fighters' Tournament
    The participants were: Earl Sir Gabriel de Beaumont, Lord Andreas de Leon, Lady Zofia Rawicz, Ethan Stoddart, Baron Wolfgang Adolphus Jager, Dimitrii Borodinski, Wulfric Greycloak and Fionnbharr. The combatants scored the following wins:
    Dimitrii Borodinski – 6
    Earl Sir Gabriel de Beaumont – 6
    Lord Andreas de Leon – 5
    Lady Zofia Rawicz – 4
    Baron Wolfgang Adolphus Jager – 3
    Fionnbharr – 2
    Ethan Stoddart – 2
    Wulfric Greycloak – 0
    Dimitrii Borodinski was declared winner of the Championship.
    Due to Earl Sir Gabriel, Lord Andreas, Lady Zofia and Baron Wolfgang not competing for the title of Baronial Champion, Fionnbharr, having beaten Ethan Stoddart in their match-up, was the next highest scoring fighter and, as such, was proclaimed Sergeant.
  • Archery Tournament
    Madog Llywd ap Madog was successful in winning this.
  • A & S Competition Results

    It was decided that the entries would be split into three categories: for those who had been in SCA for a short, medium and long term.

    Under 1 year in the SCA
    1st: Haley Goddefroy (mail) and Helena Eskilsson (embroidered pouch)
    Around 1 year in the SCA
    1st: Jessica of Stegby (black work handkerchief) and Ringwar of Northwood (brogues)
    Over 1 year in the SCA
    1st: Ethan Stoddart (small ale)
    2nd: Dimitrii Borodinski (Russian wool hats) and Wulfric Greycloak (carved leather archery bracer)
    Highly Commended:
    Cathabel (silver rune), Takeda Yotaru Astumori (gorget) and Margherita della Corona (blue glass and pearl necklace).

  • Awards issued:

    Ethan Stoddart was inducted into the Order of the Bridged Towers

    Leonor de Alcocer des Planes and Rand of Alba received tokens

    The Cross Potate was awarded to Wulfric Greycloak for his outstanding efforts over the past year. He was also awarded the Order of the Nock for his services to archery over many years.

  • The new Baronial Herald (Robin of Twyford) was installed, as was the new Rapier Marshall