Arts and Sciences

As well as Fighting and Combat, members of the SCA pursue a wide variety of artistic, educational, creative and generally intellectual pursuits. The blanket term for these are the "Arts and Sciences", commonly abbreviated to "A&S".

Any non-martial activity pursued in Europe before 1600 comes under this banner - sewing, embroidery, cooking, brewing, calligraphy, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, metal working, juggling, weaving, pottery, acrobatics, gardening, leatherwork, general entertaining ... and that's only the more common ones!

There's sure to be someone else in the Society who has already tried their hand at a pursuit and is willing to help you out - even for really obscure ones! (12th century Icelandic fish-skin tanning, anyone?)

Cooking at FestivalJuggling at Bash Recorder playing
Images by Paul of Abbotsford, Corrinna Chapman and Gavin Tung.