Mailing Lists

There are a large number of mailing lists that SCA members may subscribe to. Here are some which may be of interest to St Bartians.

St Barts list

This is the list for collegians and anyone who is interested in what's going on with the college. Some very experienced SCA people are on this list, so if you've got questions about anything to do with the College (or the SCA in general), this is a good place to ask them!

The Common

This is the list for all the SCA groups in Victoria. Most commonly used to announce upcoming events, or to distribute other information that affects more than a single group.


This is the mailing list for the Barony of Stormhold (central Melbourne, the parent group of the college). If something's happening in the Barony, the details will be posted here. It's also got a lot of experienced people, so it's another good place to ask questions.


This is the list for the Shire of Arrowsreach (north-eastern Melbourne). Anyone living from Box Hill out to Lilydale would do well to join - the events advertised should all be fairly nearby.

Krae Glas

This is the list for the Shire of Krae Glas (south-eastern Melbourne, including Monash University and the Mornington Peninsula). A good list to join if you live in the area, and a good way to get more involved in your local SCA group.


This is the list for all the Colleges of Lochac (University-based SCA groups from all over Australia and New Zealand). Usually pretty quiet, until InterCollege War or Rowany Festival comes around - then it's a great way to get the inside story on what's going on and how to get more involved.