Officers and contacts

The officers of the College are the people who are in charge of running various aspect of the club. The SCA uses medieval tems for the various positions, but the jobs haven't changed much over time.

The Seneschal

The Senechal is the presedent of the group, this is who to see about everything. The current senechal is Lord Eoin mac Cailian.

Deputy Seneschal

This one should be obvious. The present deputy is Lady Ysobel de Miraval

The Reeve

The reeve is the treasurer of the group, this is who to see about money! The present reeve Lord Gilligan.

The Chronicler

The Chronicler of a group is responsible for producing the group newsletter and for advertising the group activities. Within the university structure the chronicler is also the secretary of the club. The present chronicler is Lady Clemens Gascoigne.

General repesentatives

These are club committee members are the support crew without specific titles. Presently, Lara, Celia and Noel hold these positions.

The Herald

The herald is known as the voice of the king. They are responsible for making announcements at events. they also attend on court, to call people forward, and to read any proclamations the nobles see fit. In addition to this the herald asists mambers in designing and regestering their own coat of arms within the society. The college herald is presently Aeneas de Kyngor.

The Constable

The constable is responsible for collecting site fees, and for keeping the legal wavers required for insurance purposes. They are also responsible for collecting lost property, and hopefully returing it to its owners. The present college constable is Lady Ysobel de Miraval.