FencingRapier Combat aims to recreate the techniques used in honour duels in the medieval period. Quite a lot of documentation has survived in the form of period fencing manuals, so there are many different 'schools' to master. Medieval fencing differs from modern Olympic fencing in a few ways, the most striking being that it is fought 'in the round', the combatants can move and circle, rather than being stuck on a modern fencing strip.

The College offers fencing every Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm during the Uni Semester, held in the Member's Lounge in Union House, for further information contact Gilbert

For collegians training in rapier who are not SCA members, you may need to fill out this form so you can handle the weapons and by pass the Victorian Controlled Weapons laws

Images courtesy of Paul of Abbotsford, Indrani Mai and Deense.