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Atmosphere Tips

Tips on Maintaining the Atmosphere at an event

Lord Raphael du Noir

Greetings good gentles! Constables are charged with several general duties, one of which is to help maintain the atmosphere at an event. So I thought I might highlight a couple of ways folks can help this process along.

  • If you have items made from plastic or other "out of period" stuff, give some thought to how these items can hidden from sight. For example, metal camp chairs can be hidden with a throw rug, as can that plastic esky.
  • Ensure that your mobile phone is switched off (ideally!) or on vibrate. Mobile phone sounds are very obtrusive, particularly during court.
  • Having friends come visit and watch the event is great. If they are attending, they (like everyone) must make an attempt at pre C17th clothing (this is where I shamelessly plug the services of our Hospitaller!). If they are just passing by, please ask your friends to be unobtrusive and stay on the perimeter of the event.