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Royal Peers

What is a Royal Peer

A Royal Peer is someone who has reigned as King or Queen, Prince or Princess.

What is the role of Royal Peers

The SCA works on a hierarchical system. The Royal Peers fit into this system just below the reigning Royalty (including the Baron and Baroness) and just above the other three Peerages being Knights, Laurels and Pelicans who are equal in rank. Because the Royal Peers were once the highest role-models in the Realm, many people wonder what their purpose is.

Royal Peers – Dukes, Duchesses, Earls/Count Countesses, Viscount and Viscountesses – are formal Royalty and serve several purposes

  • Due to their experiences while on the throne, they can see potential problems that others cannot and quickly avert potential disaster.
  • They become a support network and resource for the current Royalty
  • They keep the Royalty informed of general trends and special issues in the views of the populace.
  • They advise Royalty on law/policy issues
  • They are very familiar with the running of court
  • They support and maintain the structures of the SCA – as Royalty, they became highly conversant with the laws, structures and traditions of the SCA.
  • They troubleshoot and hopefully provide a positive role model for the populace on how the game, that is the SCA, is played.
  • They can introduce you to all sorts of interested people who you may be afraid to approach yourself (e.g. The King and Queen, other Peers – or that incredibly talented but very shy person in the corner etc…)
  • They can answer all sorts of questions about the SCA

Royal Peers, due to their experiences on the throne, see a whole different side to the SCA and often see much more that’s going on. As a result, they tend to spend a lot of time having fun and trying to encourage people to enjoy the game and not to get too stressed by the little things.