Stormhold Baronial Investiture Court

You are invited to join the Barony of Stormhold as we farewell Hanbal and Ute and celebrate the investiture of our new Baroness, Antonia Di Lorenzo, in the beautiful surrounds of the Fitzroy Town Hall.

The hall will be filled with places to gossip and a 15m long buffet table which will be decorated with scenes from the four seasons and tasty morsels will be provided throughout the evening.

The entertainment of the Courts will be supplemented by performances from musicians, puppeteers, jugglers and storytellers.

When: From 5pm - 10.30pm 13 July 2013

Where: Fitzroy Town Hall, Fitzroy, Victoria


Until 7 July; Adults $50, Children(8+)/collegians $40

Non-members, including infants, please add $5 non-member surcharge to the above pricing.

Bookings closed

Questions/Offers of help

To the Steward, Mistress Sara van den Hove

On Saturday during the day will be a tournament and Their Majesties will hold court. On Sunday there will be informal pickups from 12-4pm at John Gardiner Reserve.

Saturday Location

At Darling Gardens, Clifton Hill. Adjacent North Terrace. Note that no pegs can be used at this park.

View Darling Gardens in a larger map

Saturday Time

10 or 11- depending upon morning court- Inspections will begin.

11 or 12-4: Warlord Tourney: Fighters line up, and the fighters are paired off. The winner then has the other person as part of his/her army. So it starts as 1v1, then 2v2, then 4v4, and so on. If we have a lot of people, we may run several of these tourneys. :)

11 or 12-4: Fencing Warlord Tourney- This may or may not involve bacon. Just saying, bacon makes a wonderful prize.


12-4 informal fighter training at John Gardiner Reserve