Minutes 2011-11

Minutes of the November Stormhold Baronial meeting

Attending: Stephen Drane, Steve Roylance, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Judith Gray, Miriam Staples, Rachel Grimmer, James Fritz, James Brown, Fiona Anderson

Apologies: Irina Lubomirska, Lorraine McDonald, Rachel Kenny

Meeting opened 8:07 pm

Business arising

Storage - Options are still being investigated, defer to next month

WM - 60 booked
Catering volunteers are under control

Maha - Have communicated our willingness to participate, haven’t heard back

Chessmen - Half of the pawns are complete
Aine and Antonia have donated paint
Awaiting designs for King and Queen
Stands need a redesign

Chess Challenge – Flyer will be released soon
Slated for 17 March 2012
Facebook page has been created

Thrones - Nearly finished, should be ready by William Marshall
Payment contingent on delivery

Officer’s reports

Seneschal - Report is due to Kingdom superior
All is quiet, no problems to report

Reeve - Current balance $13,668.42
Waiting for chessmen receipts, would prefer to do a single payment
Original William Marshall receipts requested within 10 days of event
Currently going through meeting minutes seeking supporting documentation on purchases. Will come with a list of items requiring attention before end of financial year.

Marshal - Some small injuries, eg. a banged nose
Darryl has been authorised
5 pells in manufacture
5 sticks of rattan for sale, bought from Sir Gabriel
Generally steady as she goes

Rapier - Fencing occurred at Timeline Fair, no injuries

Herald - Asfridr has volunteered as deputy. Quarterly report has been completed.

Constable - Not present

Hospit - Not present

A&S - All quiet.
Report completed.

Chronicler - Not present

Webwright - Nothing new, still tweaking website

General business

Motion: to cancel the December officer’s meeting
Motioned: Thorfinn Seconded: Genna CWD

Christmas party – scheduled for 19th December
Antonia to organise and advertise
Bring a plate and $5 KK gift

Catering hospit – more gear needed
May be an idea to split up storage half-and-half, able to easily transport enough for smaller events
Stackable modular plasticware would be advantageous
Antonia to price new gear
Suggestion: purchase 2 trestle tables for the Barony

Business cards – designs have been submitted by Thorfinn
Pricing: $150 for 1000
Do we need that many?
Could we print them ourselves on card blanks?
Thorfinn to investigate pricing

Meeting closed 8:45pm