Monday Training and Craft Hall

Monday training at Clifton Hill and council meeting on the 4th Monday of the month Google Map Monday Fighter Training and Crafthall Come to Stormhold's Fighter training and Craft Hall. Every Monday in Clifton Hill from 7 pm to 10 pm. Calendar has date specific information, particularly when we are off at an event instead.

*What happens at Fighter Training?*

Heavy Fighting: We put on armour and train in heavy combat Techniques. Rapier: Rapier Training By Arrangement. We specialise in getting new fighters into armour and providing basic skills and know-how for the fighting arts. What to bring: Please wear stout footwear preferably with ankle support and suitable clothing. If you have a sports protector bring that too.

*What happens at Crafthall?*

Crafthall happens inside and we make stuff and learn stuff, focusing on teaching and learning practical skills to make our medieval re-enactment more authentic and fun. If you are working on your own project please bring it along. On the 4th Monday of the month we also run the Baronial Council Meeting.

*Where do I go?*

Coulson Reserve Soccer Pavilion, Heidelberg Road, Clifton Hill Melway Reference: Map 44 Ref E1 or Map 2C Ref K1 The Pavilion is adjacent to the Hurstbridge railway line. It's directly below the Clifton Hill railway overpass, not far from Clifton Hill shops, and within walking distance of Clifton Hill station on the Epping and Hurstbridge railway lines. Access is via an underpass below the Clifton Hill railway overpass. The entrance to the underpass is at the North end of John Street. Coulson Reserve is public park that hosts two sporting grounds. There are an athletics track and a soccer ground. They are separated by a nature reserve. We are using the pavilion on the soccer ground.


$5 for non members, members are free but donations towards hire welcome. Free tea and coffee available. Please contact someone if you are new.

*How do I get there?*

Walking: From Heidelberg Road: Walk across the reserve to the pavilion From Clifton Hill Railway Station: Use the Clifton Hill railway underpass to go to John Street. Walk North to the end of John Street. Walk through the underpass. Train: You can catch a train to the Clifton Hill station at one of the city railway stations. Bus: The Hoddle Street bus has a stop outside the Clifton Hill railway station. Tram: You can catch a tram - Route 86 (Bundoora) and get off at the Clifton Hill bus interchange (stop number 25). Car: Travel to Clifton Hill. From the west: From Queens Parade, take the left fork to continue along Queens Parade and turn left into Hoddle street. Then follow the directions below... From the North or South: From Hoddle Street, turn into Ramsden Street. After the level crossing turn left into John Street. Drive to the end of John street and through the underpass to the pavilion. From the East: From Heidelberg Road, don't go over the overpass. Instead, take the small service road that continues parallel to the main road and proceed to the corner of John Street and through the underpass to the pavilion. GPS users; GPS will get you there, but will claim that you have arrived when it puts you on top of the Clifton Hill Overpass! if you are there you need to get below it to access the pavilion. See the directions above.

*Car Parking*

There is limited Parking available in the immediate vicinity of the pavilion. Alternate parking is available in a number of locations: Clifton Hill Railway station; All day parking. During the day it will be well patronised by railway customers. Heidelberg Road: Parking is available on Heidelberg Road. There is a clearway until 7pm. You could also park in the carpark of the Athletic Track but it is a fair way from the soccer pavilion. Parking is available in the streets on the residential side of the overpass. Various parking restrictions apply but the area does not use a permit system. There is one street which has limited two hour parking but most other streets in the area have unlimited parking from 7pm. Parking is possible in westgarth but the locations in Clifton Hill described above are better.