An Evening in Palermo

The Guilds of Middle Eastern Dancing and Cookery invite one and all to-
An evening in Palermo
Before the armies are sent off on Crusade, there will be an evening of frivolity and competition, to appease the Norman
Court of Sicily. Dishes reflecting the best of the different peoples of Sicily is to be presented, to be judged on
authenticity, presentation, execution, documentation and complexity. The Greeks, Arabs, Italians and Normans can
thus enjoy a friendlier rivalry (for the time being)!

This event is a potluck feast.

Steward- Miriam Staples (Miriam bat Shimeon)
Please email the Steward to book on

Date: 3rd November, 2012
Time: Hall opens at 5pm

Address: Chandler Room, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre, 157 Union Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127
Cost: members $11, non-members $16.50, children $5.50
Please advise the Steward if entering the competition.