Winter Feast

Winterfeast - a Roman experience

June 30, 2012

Winter is upon us. Rug up and join Stormhold for a Roman themed tournament and feast!
Tournament starts at 12pm at the EA Coulson Gardens, followed by a delightful feast and games at the Maribyrnong Community Center. The feast is in three removes, early Roman, mid Italian and late Italian. Games and other diversions will be run throughout the event so grab a few friends and your warmest and most fabulous Roman / Italian attire and feast like the Romans.

Tournament and games:
Avondale Primary School
11 Clarendon St, Avondale
From 12am

Arts and Sciences Competitions

Feast and frivolity:
Maribyrnong Community Centre,
9 Randell St, Maribyrnong
6pm - 11pm


*Steward Details*
Steward SCA Name : Antoinette Travaillie

*Booking Details*

If you still wish to attend, please contact the Bookings officer, Mistress Genna at:
hatsbyheath or on 93231640


Location of Winterfeast 2012 activities