Virtual Kingdom Collegium of Lochac

Welcome all to the beginnings of the Lochac Virtual Collegium. This site is intended to serve as an Arts and Sciences teaching tool for our Kingdom.

The concept of Collegia is an SCA-wide phenomenon with many Kingdoms holding Annual Kingdom Collegia. The original request for a single, kingdom-wide Collegium was instigated by Queen Morwynna. An investigation was made into an annual Lochac Kingdom Collegium and was originally a project of Lady Katerina da Brescia and Deputies Master Giles Leval and Master Drake Morgan.

The final decision, to create a Virtual Kingdom Collegium, was made in consideration of the large distances between groups in Lochac, and to include our newest addition of the Eastern Isles (New Zealand).

Permission will be sought to use notes, hopefully to be drawn from the

The purpose of the Collegium is to allow the information to be spread to all areas of our Kingdom, especially for those who cannot attend individual collegia, due to the large distances inherent in our Kingdom.

If you do not have access to the internet, then a Virtual Kingdom A&S Collegium CD will be available at cost price + postage. These will be available from the current Collegium Deputy, on request

If you wish to volunteer to teach in any Collegium in Lochac, please contact the event steward. I am sure they will be grateful for your assistance. If you are willing to give permission to use your notes for the Virtual Kingdom A&S Collegium of Lochac, please contact the Lochac A&S Collegium Deputy.

THLady Katerina da Brescia
Lochac Virtual Collegium Deputy