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Mailing Lists

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Please Note: these are not official SCA Pages
Facebook Pages:

Jolly Duke Tavern - Private tavern that brews Authentic medieval style Ales, Meads, Ciders, and Liqueurs

Largesse for Others and the Better Good is a group in Lochac for discussing ideas on helping the game in small ways with fun ideas for the betterment of others not for themselves

Lochac - Group for the SCA Kingdom of Lochac

Lochac Classifieds - For members of Lochac to post items for sale, for barter, or items they want

Lochac Costumers is a group for anything relating to creating pre-17th century clothing and accessories in the Kingdom of Lochac.

Lochac Events - Group for advertising events and communications

Lochac Fighters - Forum for people to talk fighting and advertise fighting events

Lochac Heraldry Chat is a forum for people to discuss heraldry and run ideas (names, arms/devices, and badges) past the knowledgeable heralds of the Kingdom.

Lochac Lids is an open group for discussing, sharing ideas, and sharing in-progress and finished images of pre-17th century headwear.    

Lochac Musicians and Performers is a group for discussing pre-17th performing arts singing, music, theatre, etc.

Lochac Rapier - Group for rapier and C&T fighters

SCA Wooden Spoon - For those who play SCA with any form of chronic illness, physical or mental health issue

Shire of Bordescros  - Group page for the Shire of Bordescross

Shire of Dismal Fogs  - Group page for the Shire of Dismal Fogs

The Worshipful Company of Broderers of Lochac is a group for the embroidery guild of Lochac. It is a group for those interested in discussing and sharing progress on pre-17th century embroidery.

Lochac reoccuring event pages:

Canterbury Faire Photos and Discussion - a public group where event notices are sometimes cross-posted, the populace can discuss the event, and share photos and information about the event.

Great Northern War - Where event notices are posted, the populace can ask questions of the stewarding team relating to the event, and owl paraphernalia is posted.

Rowany Festival Discussion is a public group where Rowany Festival notices are posted, and the populace can ask questions of the stewarding team relating to the event.

Lochac at Pennsic is a  group where those from Lochac who wish to camp with the Kingdom at Pennsic War (in Pennsylvania, USA) can discuss camp and event logistics. It is supplementary to the Lochac at Pennsic email group.