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Information contained on this page has been obtained from the most recent edition of "Pegasus",
the monthly newsletter of the Kingdom of Lochac.
As data here has been transcribed manual errors may have arisen
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Information on Corporate Officers, membership, policies and other documents relevant in Australia.

SCA New Zealand

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Access to information on branches, membership, committee, and documents relevant in New Zealand.

Crown Royalty Niall III and Sabine I Email Website


Engelin Teufel

Seneschal Device Seneschal Baron Lachlahn Dunbar (Daniel Dunbar) Email Website
Deputy Seneschal
Gilchrist Morgan (Andrew Ross-Gowan) Email  
Deputy Seneschal—Branch Development
Beatrice Maria Malatesta Email  
Deputy for Departmental Oversight
Thomas Bacchus Email  
Deputy Seneschals for Crown events
Kinggiyadai ba'atur (Branwen verch Lewis ap Thomas—acting)
Email Website 
Cartography Deputy
Domhnall na Moicheirghe Email  
Youth Officer
Ringwar Northwood Email Website
Masonry (Infrastructure) Deputy
Nicodemus Novello Email Website

Exchequer Device Exchequer Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski Email Website
Australian Deputy
Kamara Sklerana Email

Arts & Sciences Device Arts and Sciences Victoria Thrakesina Email Website

Herald Device Crux Australis Principal Herald Amanda Martel (From November 2016) Email Website
Canon Herald
(Canon Lore Precedence & Gentry List)
Amos Ironbeard Email  Website
Rocket Herald
(Submissions Deputy)
Bjorn Bassason Email  Website

Marshal Device Earl Marshal Angele de Savigny Email Website
Deputy Marshal
(Armoured Combat)
Sir Andreas Reinhardt Email  
Deputy Marshal
Donna Lindoret of Brynn Myrddin Email Website
Deputy Marshal
(Siege Warfare)
Hanbal al-Barbari Email  
Equestrian Marshal Device
Equestrian Marshal
(Equestrian, AU)
Andrea di Argentolupo Email Website
Equestrian Marshal Device
Deputy Equestrian Marshal
(Equestrian, NZ)
Saule of Southron Gaard Email Website

Deputy Marshal
(Rapier Youth Combat)
Master Owain Cantor ap Hughe Email

Deputy Marshal
(Youth Combat)
Grim of Thornby Email
Light Combat Marshal Device
Deputy Marshal
Jochen Schwalbe Email Website

Chronicler Device Chronicler Helouys le Poer Email Website
Deputy Chronicler
Helouys le Poer Email  

Chirurgeon Device Chirurgeon Sigvaldr Sviðandi Email Website

Constable Device Constable Lady Tatianitska Iaroslavna Email Website

Hospitaller Devie Hospitaller / Chatelaine Tórfa svell fara Email Website

Web Device Web Wright Baron Sorle Maknicoll Email Website
Master Nicodemus Novello Email  Website 

Lists Device Lists Lady Anna von der Ron Email Website
(Authorisations Australia)
Lady Anna von der Ron Email Website
(Authorisations New Zealand)
Maestra Ginevra di Serafino Visconti Email  

Scribes Device Provost of Scribes Baroness Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra Email Website
Deputy Provost of Scribes
Keridwen the Mouse Email  
Deputy Provost of Scribes
Aeron Lasair Email  

Historian Device Historian Rhodri ap Tewdr Email Website

Regalia Device Keeper of the Regalia Medb ingen ind Iasachta Email Website

  Clerk of the Order of Chivalry Sir Alain Quartier Email Website


  Clerk of the Order of the Laurel Christian Baier and Isabel Maria del Aguila Email Website


  Clerk of the Order of the Pelican Mistress Katherne Rischer Email Website


  Clerk of the Order of Defence William de Cameron Email Website


  Clerk to the Order of the Rose Catalina OroSol Email Website


  Lochac Company of Archers Angele de Savigny Email Website


  Ambassador to Drachenwald Christine Bess Duvant Email  

Guild officers links and information may now be found on the Guild Guide page.