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KOLCH Updates and Rulings

Announcements from February 2018

Combat Archery Trial

A Combat Archery Trial running for the duration of Border War XX 23-25 Feb 2018 until close of Border War Feb 2019, with the time between Border war 2019 and Rowany Festival 2019 or 30 days whichever is the longer, to be used as a commentary period for rule changes following the trial.
The changes are directed to: Rules for hand armour; Rules for engagement distances; Killing conventions; Rules for killing from behind.
During the period of the trial additonal information is to be included in the Marshal in charge event report for all events with mixed combat and to be forwarded to the Group Marshal at the end of the event.
The full details of the trial can be found in the following document:Lochac_Archery_Trial.pdf, also located under the documents & forms page.

Announcements from April 2017

Earl Marshal ruling re missile combat in Lochac, as explained Rowany Festival 2017.

  1. All missile combatants are engaged at lay on and as such can target with missile weapons any other combatant unless:
    1. They are a plumed combatant and within 5 meters or
    2. They are a non plumed missile combatant and behind their target and within 5m (see Figure 1)
    3. Non plumed missile combatant's engagement distance is arrow clear of the bow

  2. Figure 1.

  3. All non plumed missile combatants must wear full hand protection as if they were using a two handed weapon (ie basket hilt and demi gauntlet are not considered to comply with this requirement). Note that this hand protection must function in same way it would for a two handed weapon at all times - the practice of slipping the forward strap of a gauntlet is not to occur and a hold should be called if witnessed.
  4. Non plumed missile combatants may kill from behind by:
    1. Drawing a projectile and placing it in front of their opponent (show control) and stating that opponent is slain from behind - projectile must then be discarded and a new one drawn for each subsequent opponent.
    2. Drawing their back up weapon and killing from behind as usual.
  5. If any quiver is struck by a melee weapon all arrows in it are to be discarded and not used until they have been reinspected at a marshalling point.
  6. If a bow is struck by any weapon it cannot be used until it has been reinspected by an authorised marshal.

Announcements from July 2015

Ramin - Staged discontinuation of use as a timber for combat arrows in Lochac

From 7 July 2015, no one is to purchase ramin from timber merchants for the purposes of making SCA combat arrows. Those SCA participants who currently have stocks of legally imported ramin may use and sell what remains of their own stocks, though please consider a more permanent use than combat arrows if possible.
All groups to include in your quarterly reports (via your group heavy marshal) on the number of ramin combat arrows in use among your participants, as well as what stockpiles of ramin shafts remain to be turned into arrows. The rate at which the supply is depleted will help us determine when a complete ban on ramin combat arrows will be implemented.
We are currently investigating other sustainable timber types to add to the allowed timbers for combat arrow shafts. If you have examples of timbers that may be suitable and are willing to assist with testing, please contact the Deputy for Archery directly - archer@lochac.sca.org

Announcements from June 2015

Construction requirement for Polypropylene ('polypro') swords

Effective immediately, all polypro swords in use in Lochac must either;
a) have at least 3 layers of fibre tape ( that has the lengthways fibers, not cross hatch tape), run along both blade faces over the tip of the sword; or
b) webbing belt or a leather strip along the blade face and over the tip.
This measure is designed to prevent the end of the stick flying off in the event of breakage.
All marshals are to ensure this direction has been complied with or the weapon bounces and shall not be allowed on the field.

Announcements from October 2013

Rubber weapon heads.

The 'Acorn roller' rubber mace heads are legal for use in Lochac.
The rubber 'Talhoffer' pole axe heads are legal for use in Lochac.

Striking surface (A clarification via Society Earl marshal)

Because of the nature of our activities and the ability of our weapons to break during use the "striking surface" of a weapon is to be considered throughout the entire striking portion, blade, or head, of the weapon, not only the outside "skin" or layer. This includes all interior construction materials and parts no matter how "deep" inside.
Please note that this means materials such as 'chopping board' plastic may not be used for the construction of weapon heads.

Announcements from July 2013

The Lochac Marshals Handbook has been approved and supersedes any previous editions.

Announcements from September 2012

As per the announcement from the SCA US and the changes to the Society Marshals' Handbook in May 2012, polypropylene round rod of a diameter no greater than 31.8mm is now permissible as an alternative to rattan for single handed weapons within Lochac.

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