St Florian de la Riviere

Arts and Science

Armour up to make the most beautiful kit, or create the ultimate fighters protection

Armouring is a process which is never truly finished, fighters are always changing a little bit here, altering a little bit there and because of this being able to armour is a supremely important skill. While a lot of armour can be bought ready made, there is plenty of options for home made variants. This category bleeds into leatherworking and metalworking a lot, but even if you are not a master metalsmith you can still make very protective and efficient.

While armouring attempts to achieve a historical look, armourers in the SCA tend to use more modern methods / materials to achieve this end. For example it is very common to use aluminium to create low weight armour with the sheen and protection of metal.

More information on armouring can be found in the Armour archive.

Brewing (and imbibing) makes events something special

Brewing is one of those arts that is much appreciated by the populous. Every June at the Great Northern War, the great brewers Master Drake Morgan and Duke Alric offer free alcohol that they have spent the year planning, and it is works like these that really shine in the barony.

Brewing within the society covers various different drinks, this includes but is not limited to beers, ales, gruit (herb beers), meads, ciders, wines (both grape and fruit), liqueurs, fortified wines, spirits (where that is legal) and medieval medicinal brews. These brews can be from anywhere around Eurasia, and from many different time periods. For more information on brewing, you can visit the Lochac Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers Guild.

Calligraphy paints words

Calligraphy is a visual art that can be akin to writing. It is generally the design and creation of lettering with a broad tip instrument, dip pen or brush (among other possible writing instruments). Calligraphy often works hand in hand with illumination to create manuscripts with beautiful letterforms, borders and illustrations.

These creations are often made in order to celebrate and award those in the kingdom who particularly stand out, so any work used in this way will treasured for decades by the receiver.

For more information please visit the The Royal College and Confraternity of Scribes and Illuminators of the Kingdom of Lochac

What should I wear?

While a lot of these arts and sciences are not required within the the society, the only rule for attending an event is that you wear and attempt at pre-17th century clothing. While this might seem daunting at first, every group has hospit garb available (loaner clothes) and there are many talented costumers who will take commissions, as well as various merchants. For those that decide to make their own garments though, there is a wealth of options.

Within the society choices for outfits are as wide and varied as possible. While some members wear simple tunics and pants other members deck themselves out in sixteen century Elizabethan fashion, and every step between is covered. Even if you are not experienced with sewing, most basic garments require little effort beyond using a sewing machine in a straight line.

There are also Costuming Guilds available, with the purpose of promoting costuming, teaching and advancing research. Every member of the Guild is happy to answer your questions and share their time and knowledge with you. They can guide you on what garments are appropriate for your chosen time period and location, help you with fabric choices, aid you in creating patterns as well as the technical skills needed for advanced costuming.

For more information please visit the The Lochac Tailors Guild or the Worshipful Company of Broderers

Grand medieval feasts keep the populous satisfied

For more information please visit the Lochac Cooks Guild

Whether it's a song over dinner or a performance by firelight, the performing arts often makes the night

Performing arts in the society cover the promotion, encouragement, learning and performance of bardic, theatrical, instrumental and all other entertainment arts within an SCA context.

For more information please visit the The Performers and Entertainers Guild of Lochac

"Each plankā€¦can have only one ideal use. The woodworker must find this ideal use and create an object of utility to man, and if nature smiles, an object of lasting beauty." - George Nakashima

For more information please visit the Lochac Woodworkers Guild

Photos from Constanzia M. de Zamora