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Information contained in this document has been obtained from the most recent edition of "Pegasus", the monthly newsletter of the Kingdom of Lochac. As data here has been transcribed manually errors may have arisen.

Guilds in Lochac

Information on the history of guilds in Lochac, how to establish a guild and other interesting information

Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers Guild

Rurik Farseker

The role of the guild is to encourage and foster the various brewing arts and to also encourage responsible production, serving, and consumption of products produced by our members


Broiderers Guild

Facebook Group

Rowan Perigrynne

The aim of the Company is to advance the study and practice of pre-1600AD European needlework in Lochac and in the Known World.


Lochac Cooks' Guild

Fionnobhaur inghean Mheadhre

The purpose of this guild shall be to: Practice cooking in the style of the Medieval and Renaissance periods; further research and study of period cooking; make available information on all aspects of period cooking as it pertains to the Society for Creative Anachronism; and maintain an index of information and period resources


Royal Guild Of Defence

William Blackwood

The Guild is dedicated to the promotion, teaching and learning of the art and science of fence with the civilian weapons, and the research of the ancient schools or treatise of fence.


Entertainers Guild

William Castille

The Guild is dedicated to the promotion, encouragement, learning and performance of the bardic arts within an SCA context.


Fibre Guild

Mistress Victoria Thrakesina

"The Royal Fibre Guild of Lochac is for those interested in the arts, crafts and history of all textile matters. We encourage the doing, researching and teaching of fibre related skills as seen in pre 1600 cultures. We include weavers, spinners, dyers, cordmakers, felters, knitters, njalbinders and lacemakers".

Herb & Garden

Herb & Garden Guild

Mistress Caristiona inghean Raghnaill

The Guild aims to further the research and study of period herbalism and gardening, and make available information on aspects of period herbalism, horticulture and gardens.


Painters and Limners Guild

Antonia di Lorenzo

The Guild aims to advance the study and practice of the medieval painter's art, and to recreate a medieval or renaissance guild of painters.


College of Scribes

Provost of Scribes

Katherne Rischer

The College supports and encourages research, teaching and practice of the mediaeval scribal arts, recruits and train scribes, produces Award scrolls for the people of the Kingdom, and facilitates production of other documents such as charters, fealties, and credentials.


Guild of the Silver Rondel

Grisel Kincaid


The Guild of the Silver Rondel is the dance guild in the Kingdom of Lochac. The Guild encourages pre 17th century dancing, holds competitions, and holds the Bal d' Argent -- the social dance event of the year.


Tailors, Haberdashers and Mercers Guild

Mistress Willemyne van Nijmegen

"It is our aim to encourage research into, and practice of, pre-1600 methods and skills in the construction of garments and accessories from the SCA period (pre 17th century), and to pass on the knowledge to all who wish to learn. All are welcome to participate as much or as little as they desire, and all will be treated equally, be they ranked or non-ranked member. Ranking in the Guild is purely voluntary".


Woodworkers Guild

Francois Guyon

Helpful for supporting woodworkers in Lochac in their quest to make stuff out of wood