Policy Documents

As per the Laws of Lochac, the precedence of the law in the Kingdom of Lochac is:

  • Real world, national, state, territory, and local law.
  • The Constitution of the SCA Ltd, or in New Zealand, the Constitution of the SCA Inc (NZ).
  • The SCA Ltd/SCA Inc (US), SCA Inc (NZ)/SCA Inc (US) and SCA Ltd/SCA Inc (NZ) operating agreements.
  • SCA Ltd and SCA Inc (NZ) corporate policies.
  • The Corpora of the SCA
  • Officers’ Handbooks of the SCA (US) corporate officers, where specifically agreed to by the Board of Directors of the SCA (US). This includes society level combat rules, etc. But it specifically excludes the SCA Inc (US) Financial and Publications policies which are excluded in the SCA Ltd/SCA Inc (US) and SCA Inc (NZ)/SCA Inc (US) operating agreements.
  • The Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac
  • The officer’ handbooks and rules of the Kingdom officers
  • The Word of the Crown

The policies of the corporate bodies are linked here, and under the sub-menus. See the Laws of Lochac and Kingdom Officer websites for other links.