Regnum: Kingdom Officers in Lochac

The Kingdom of Lochac comes under the management of two corporate entities, SCA Ltd and SCA Inc (NZ). Their websites contain information on their respective corporate officers, membership and policy details, as well as other country-specific information. The websites can be found by clicking on SCA Ltd (Australia) or SCA INC (NZ) as appropriate.

Click on the Office name (if a link) to go to the related website, or more information. Click on the Officer’s name to email them directly. Changes to the Regnum should be submitted via the Regnum Update Form.

Royalty Theuderic II and Engelin II
(Crown by Right of Arms)
King Theuderic
(Crown by Inspiration, Grace and Courtesy)
Queen Engelin Teufel
Chamberlain Sir Liadan ingen Fheradaig
Seneschal Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta (Kellianne Anderson)
Deputy Seneschal Master Bartholomew Baskin (Peter Hyde)
Deputy for Crown Events Orlok Kinggiyadai Ba'atur
Deputy for Departmental Oversight Master Thomas Bacchus
Actuary Deputy Count Gilbert Purchase
Adjudicator Deputy Duke Niáll inn Orkneyski
Cartography Deputy Baron Domhnall na Moicheirghe
Masonry (Infrastructure) Deputy Lord Ælfred se leof
Reporting Deputy Mistress Aveline Goupil
Social Media Officer Lady Madilayn le Mercer
Youth Officer Lady Ringwar Northwood
Crux Australis Principal Herald Lady Amanda Martel
Canon Herald
(Precedence and Canon Lore)
Lord Amos Ironbeard
Rocket Herald
(Submissions Deputy)
Lord Bjorn Bassason
Earl Marshal Baroness Angele Marie de Savigny
Deputy Earl Marshal
(Armoured Combat)
Sir Andreas Reinhardt
Kingdom Archery Marshal TH Lord Ulric of Ambledune
Kingdom Equestrian Marshal Lord Andrea di Argentolupo
Kingdom Rapier Marshal Master Owain Cantor ap Hughe
Kingdom Siege Marshal Orlok Hanbal al-Barbari
Kingdom Youth Marshal Master Grim of Thornby
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal Master Owain Cantor ap Hughe
Minister of Arts and Sciences Mistress Victoria Thrakesina
Chancellor of the Exchequer Baron Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski
Deputy for Australian Finances TH Lady Gabrielle Hamilton
Chronicler Lady Leifa of Dismal Fogs
Regnum Deputy Baroness Helouys le Poer
Chirurgeon Lord Wei Min Cheng
Constable Lady Mairi of Kilravock
Keeper of the Lists Lady Anna von der Ron
Authorisations (AU) Lady Anna von der Ron
Authorisations (NZ) Maestra Ginevra di Serafino Visconti
Hospitaller / Chatelaine Tórfa svell fara, Paronitar
Provost of Scribes Baroness Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra
Deputy Provost Mistress Keridwen the Mouse
Deputy Provost TH Lady Aeron Lassair
Keeper of the Regalia Baroness Medb ingen ind Iasachta
Historian Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen
Webwright Baron Sorle Maknicoll
Clerks for the Peerages
Order of Chivalry Sir Alain Quartier
Order of the Laurel Mistress Tailltiu Ghoirt Ruaidh
Order of the Pelican Mistress Katherne Rischer
Order of Defense Master Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysábúrí
Order of the Rose Countess Catalina Oro Sol
Lochac Company of Archers Baroness Angele Marie de Savigny
Ambassador to Drachenwald Baroness Christine Bess Duvant