Regnum: Kingdom Officers in Lochac

The Kingdom of Lochac is managed by two corporate entities, SCA Ltd (Australia) and SCANZ Inc (NZ). See their websites for respective corporate officers, membership and policy details, and other country-specific information. Below are the offices of the Kingdom. Changes to the Regnum should be submitted via the Regnum Update Form.

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Office holder
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Warrant issued
(King by Right of Arms)
Sir Guillaume d'Oze (he/him)
(Queen by Inspiration, Grace and Courtesy)
Mistress Miriam de Mont Noir (she/her)
Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta (she/her)
Kellianne Anderson
March LIV (2020)
Deputy Seneschal
Master Bartholomew Baskin (he/him)
Peter Hyde
Actuary Deputy
Adjudicator Deputy
Covid Marshal January LV (2021)
Crown Events Deputy October LV (2020)
Magister Notifia (Data Guru) June LVI (2021)
Masonry (Infrastructure) Deputy August LV (2020)
Reporting Deputy August LV (2020)
Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Officer March LV (2021)
Social Media Officer May LV (2020)
Youth Officer May LVI (2021)
Projects Deputy April LV (2021)
Crux Australis Principal Herald November LV (2020)
Canon Herald
(Precedence and Canon Lore)
December LV (2020)
Rocket Herald
(Submissions Deputy)
January LV (2021)
Earl Marshal June LVI (2021)
Kingdom Armoured Combat Marshal September LIV (2019)
Kingdom Rapier Marshal November LIV (2019)
Kingdom Archery Marshal March LIV (2020)
Kingdom Equestrian Marshal September LIV (2019)
Kingdom Siege Marshal
Kingdom Youth Marshal September LIV (2019)
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal
Minister of Arts and Sciences December LV (2020)
Chancellor of the Exchequer January LV (2021)
Deputy Exchequer for Australia February LV (2021)
Deputy Exchequer for New Zealand January LV (2021)
Chronicler May LV (2020)
Regnum Deputy
Salome de Florin (she/her)
October LV (2020)
Chirurgeon March LV (2020)
Constable August LV (2020)
Keeper of the Lists September LIV (2019)
Authorisations (AU) September LIV (2019)
Authorisations (NZ)
Hospitaller / Chatelaine February LV (2021)
Provost of Scribes December LV (2020)
Deputy Provost
Deputy Provost
Keeper of the Regalia January LV (2021)
Historian May LVI (2021)
Nobilis Gummi Vkoinen (they/them)
November LV (2020)
Clerks for the Peerages
Order of Chivalry
Order of the Laurel
Order of the Pelican
Order of Defense November LII (2018)
Order of the Rose
Lochac Company of Archers