Alternative Crown selection polling stages

The outline below is how the Working Group currently anticipates the process of identifying changes that the members of Lochac support, and testing them. This is a broad outline that is going to be subject to review at every step, and which members will have many opportunities to provide feedback on. What you see here is intended to help everyone manage their expectations.

POLL:  Do we want to discuss options?

This is the poll launched on February 1st. If the response was negative, then the process would have been stopped at this point.

CONSULT:  What options might exist?    

There have been many alterative means of selecting Crown discussed over the years. The Working Group will put up a list of examples that we already know about, and seek input from across Lochac about what other ways might exist. The goal of this stage is to capture every idea, but not to go into details on any of them yet. We are opening a discussion forum for this conversation on March 18th, and it will remain open until the end of Rowany Festival.

POLL: Shortlist <– We are here

Having identified all the possibilities, we eliminate the ones with little or no support. We don’t want to waste people’s time and energy developing detailed proposals for ideas that will never gain widespread support. People will be asked which approaches they might support, depending on how they are fine-tuned. If there are several approaches that get broad in-principle support, we will develop each of them to a detailed stage. If there are none, then we stop the process here.

CONSULT:  Refine the details

This is where we need your help most. For any idea that wins provisional support, we will need people with relevant expertise to put together what they see as a viable example of how that Crown selection could be run, explaining the reasons for any choices they make.

POLL:  Preferences

This is crunch time. At this point, we will be polling members to give their response to specific and detailed examples. We will not just ask for a yes/no response to any given proposal, we will also be asking how strongly people feel about each approach, and asking you to rank your preferences. But this is still just an opinion poll.

And again, if none of the proposed approaches gains clear majority support, the process will stop at this point.