Official notification variance

Greetings all,

Please see below a missive from the Society Seneschal regarding the Kingdom Webpage as an official publication.

During the time the SCA is under such modern restrictions caused by the COVID-19 emergency, Kingdom websites may be considered an official publication of the Society regarding such actions as announcing “Crown and Coronet Tournaments, Coronations and Investitures, the appointment of officers, presentation of awards and titles, the proclamation of law, and the establishment or advancement of branches“. (Corpora II.C Business Requiring Prior Announcement.)

This variance is granted for the duration of the COVID19 restrictions issued by civil authorities on gatherings and activities. Upon removal of said restrictions, this variance is declared to be no longer valid. The date of the ending of the variance will be announced to the Kingdom Seneschals and Crowns. Kingdoms are required to keep a list of all events/meetings that are affected by this variance. All notices must also be published in the next available Kingdom newsletter as a matter of record.


Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta
Lochac Seneschal