Twelfth Night Crown Tournament List

To Our Wonderful and Patient Populace of Lochac,

With excitement and joy, and a little bit of trepidation, We are pleased to announce the Worthy Nobles who intend to take the field at Twelfth Night to contest for the Crown or Lochac.

Sir Liadan ingen Fheradaig fighting for Niáll inn Orkneyski – Dux

Count Stephen Aldred fighting for Countess Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot

Sir Andreas Reinhardt fighting for Qadiya Mu’allima Shayka Lilya bint Hizir

Jarl Thorolfr Olfuss Brantsson fighting for Harlskona Halla Hrafnsdottir

Count Rowland Bridgeford fighting for Countess Tailltiu ghoirt ruaidh

Sir Leofric Willoughby de Broke fighting for Countess Sabine du Bourbonnais

Baron Cormac Lenihan fighting for Baroness Elspeth Caerwent

Master Ianto van Diemen fighting for Baroness Vitez Tatiana

Sir Kitan von Falkenberg fighting for Mistress Alesia au Cheval Blanc

The Honorable Lady Aia fighting for Master Angus MacDougall

Lord Francis Marvell fighting for Mistress Honore Corbaut

Sir Aonghus mac Griogair mhic Raghnaill fighting for Baroness Ginevra Lucia di Namoraza

Lady Jayne Hunter fighting for Baron Jón húslangr

Lord Christopher Longstaff fighting for Lady Iglesia Delamere

Lord Clifford Ashbuner fighting for Lady Rhianna verch y Koedwr

Drótín Vídárr Hálf-Troll fighting for Drótín Hundi Shield Crusher

It breaks Our heart that we do not have free and easy movement throughout the Kingdom so not all those who wished to enter can make it. After an unprecedented full year as Your Crown, and considering the strength of the List, We plan to go ahead with the Tournament so we may pass on the Crowns to Our worthy successors.

With the changing travel restrictions, We have had some contenders withdraw over the past week, and will be holding a place in the lists for those who notified Us of their intent should the situation change and they are able to travel .The next Crown Tournament scheduled is only a few months away and we truly hope that we will be able to see all those who wish to travel at that event.

Along with the Kingdom Seneschal and Twelfth Night Stewarding team, We are watching the covid outbreak within Sydney and the restrictions set by the States and Territories very closely and planning options and contingencies should they be required. We understand that many of you are anxious and disappointed by the current situation and know that We feel this with you. If you have booked for the event, please keep an eye out for any announcements from the Stewarding Team.

We greatly look forward to the Tournament and announcing Our Heirs and Successors to the Thrones of Lochac.

Theuderic & Engelin