Call for Letters of Intent – 12th Night 2021

To Mighty Lochac,

The first Crown Tournament in the Knowne World since the plague began will be held at 12th Night, on the 9th of January in Politarchopolis. This Tournament will be held to find Our successors and Their Coronation will be at the same event. With the ever changing travel situation in mind, we are opening the list now, which will remain open until sunset on the first day of the New Year (1st January 2021).

We have no specific additional requirements for entry beyond that which is mentioned in Lochac Law and Corpora, and will ensure there is opportunity to re-authorise ahead of the tournament if you have been unable to do so before the day. While consorts are not required to be present during the Crown Tournament, the victorious consort is required to attend their coronation, which will be held at the same event.

We invite any who would try their hand and lead this Kingdom to send Us their official letters of intent to, and We hope to see a host of Lochac’s finest heroes step forward.

Theuderic & Engelin