Royal Cypher of the Gratia Coronae


At the Witenagemot on November 1st, We named many folk who have earned renown through the plague by their activities online and additional work in response to the pandemic, and granted them the unique Royal Cypher of the Gratia Coronae. This Cypher will be passed out in kind to the people of many Kingdoms in recognition and remembrance of the works done to keep the Society a safe and vibrant haven through the darkest of times.

The medallions have been generously gifted by King Kurn and Queen Maisie of Trimaris.

We sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to keeping Our populace, engaged, entertained, inspired and safe this year. There are many more yet to be named, and please continue to send in recommendations!

Theuderic · Engelin

Proclaimed at the Witenagemot

Alliette Delacourt (Stormhold) – Virtual dance classes
Louise Braos (Rowany) – Virtual dance classes
Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (St Florian de la Riviere) – Weekly A&S catch up and Co-Stewarding the Knowne World SCA Iberian Collegia
Leylii bint Hizir (St Florian de la Riviere) – Hosting the Crown Between Two Roses
Magnus Thorbjornson (Stormhold) – Producing the Crown Between Two Roses
Pantero Pantera di Valembrosa (Aneala) – Lochac Dance Video production
Gwyneth ferch Aeddan (Aneala) – Lochac Dance Video production
Eva von Danzig (Innilgard) – COVID-19 Safety Poster
Rowland Bridgeford (Mordenvale) – Online training videos
Benedict of Yorke (Stormhold) – Training videos and encouragement
Gabrielle Hamilton (Bordescros) – Online events & gatherings
Fionn O’Mara (Innilgard) – Scribal support and showcase
Dytryk Lehrer (Innilgard) – Inspiration and maintaining enthusiasm in the Barony
Leif Magnússon (Krae Glas) – Online feasts and assisting Trivia night
Dafydd of the Glens (Stormhold) – Regular trivia nights
Joanna of St Monica (Krae Glas) – Running and coordinating A&S classes, keeping the college engaged.
Sarah of St Monica (Krae Glas) – Running and coordinating A&S classes, keeping the college engaged.
Dorothy Torr (River Haven – Stegby) – Keeping the canton engaged
Gabriella Borromei (River Haven – Stegby) – Led weekly online gatherings and encourging A&S activities
Ragnarr Olafsson (River Haven – Stegby) – COVID-19 Cleaning for in person gatherings
Serena d’Honneur (River Haven – Stegby) – COVID-19 Cleaning for in person gatherings
Symmonne de la Croix (River Haven – Stegby) – Running classes and inspiring calligraphy & illumination
Thonstein Bjarnarsson – (River Haven – Stegby) – Implementing COVID-19 requirements
Jean-Christophe le Saussier (Rowany) – Virtual fighter practice
Minamoto no Hideaki (Rowany) – Virtual A&S gatherings
Ran Njalldottir (Rowany) – Virtual A&S gatherings
Yolande Kesteven (Rowany) – Virtual A&S gatherings
Erlendr Tryggvarson (Ynys Fawr) – Virtual gatherings and online engagement

Previously given

Beatrice Maria Malatesta (Politarchopolis) – Lochac Covid response & Hosting the Crown between Two Roses
Gilbert Purchase (Krae Glas) – Lochac Covid response policy and ongoing support
Anne de Tournai (Politarchopolis) – Lochac & Society Social Media Officer
Madelaine le Mercer (River Haven) – Lochac Social Media Officer
Miriam bat Shimeon (Stormhold) – KWHSS Steward and virtual event tech support
ffride wlffsdotter (Stormhold) – KWHSS Stewarding Team
Þorfinn Hrolfsson (Stormhold) – KWHSS Stewarding Team
Brían dorcha ua Conaill (Stormhold) – KWHSS Stewarding Team
Medb ingen ind Iasachta (Rowany) – KWHSS Stewarding Team
Nicolette de Colours (Innilgard) – KWHSS Stewarding Team
Amelia de la Mere (Stormhold) – KWHSS Stewarding Team
Amanda Constantiae (Krae Glas) – KWHSS Stewarding Team
John Doctor Smith (Stormhold) – KWHSS Stewarding Team
Shinjo Takame (Rowany) – Virtual Bardic Circle & Showcase


Gratia Coronae Token
Gratia Coronae Token