Issue Research for Lochac (IRL) Project

Greetings Lochac,

The Issue Research for Lochac (IRL) project was formed after the recent Lochac Officers Training Symposium (LOTS 2) to explore how the Kingdom can better identify and resolve interpersonal issues and the disputes they may lead to. On behalf of the Kingdom Seneschal, and as the project lead, Earl Gilbert Purchase (Deputy Kingdom Seneschal – Risk), I am pleased to introduce both Master Bartholomew Baskin (Deputy Kingdom Seneschal) and Master Gilchrist Morgan (Baronial Seneschal of Mordenvale & former SCA Ltd Chair), who each bring a raft of experience and knowledge in this area to the project team.

The first goal of this project is to improve our understanding of the types of issues that lead to disputes. We are currently reviewing what we know from our quarterly reporting, along with the findings of the recent census. However, we also want to hear from you. We are pleased to announce a new and very simple tool that is available to share your ideas and feedback directly with the Seneschallate.

The Lochac Feedback Form is now available at

We encourage you to use this form to provide feedback on where you tend to see problems brewing, or your ideas and suggestions on how to respond better when they do arise. Your feedback is only accessible to the dispute team and Kingdom Seneschal, and we will be using this feedback to help guide how we can get better at supporting each other.


Earl Gilbert on behalf of
Issue Research for Lochac (IRL)